The Gritty Kitchen is your new favorite place to find foolproof, healthy recipes for home cooks. Jenni typically makes comfort food with fresh, local twist – if you can trip over it in a field, you’re likely to find her cooking with it. She’s also a busy wife, editor and dog-mom, so she’s big on weekend meal planning to make weeknight dinners a lot easier to handle.

Jenni started The Gritty Kitchen to share the stories behind her cooking, which is and always will be about way more than just the ingredients she uses. A plate of food carries with it love, creativity, culture, community, story, and art. Let’s get gritty.


Jenni is a journalist by training. She currently works as an editor for The Wirecutter, and she occasionally writes about food and science for publications like Upworthy, Narratively, 538, and Cook’s Country. When Jenni was 18, she worked as a summer camp cook, baking thousands of brownies, cookies, and cakes in 90 degree heat every week. Since then, she’s been an avid home-cook. 

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